April 28, 2013

If yesterday was good, today was awesome!  Had Pat, Dan, and Dave on the boat for some deepwater cod slaying.  Flat calm out with a light southerly breeze to keep our drift at the perfect speed, unbeatable conditions for April.

We had just as many fish, but the size was much better.  Far fewer shorts to pick through.  At a 19″ limit for Cod we were able to be selective with which ones we wanted to keep because our average size was probable closer to 22″-24″ with a few bigger ones mixed in.  All the guys had as much fish as they wanted by about 10am so, it turned into a catch and release game from there.  Gotta let em go for next time.

We were on them early, and left them biting.  Today the jigs outfished the bait by a longshot.  By midday everyone was gassed from hauling up fish from the deep.  Once again sore arms and happy anglers on the HOLD FAST.  See you out there!


Capt Mike

IMGP0079 Fish for all

Nice cod on the teaser

Double, triple, and quad hookups all day multiple fish on one line from 250 ft will test your will

IMGP0091IMGP0082 Whole lotta bent rods today

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