June 30, 2013

Crazy day on the water.  We weren’t even sure if the weather was going to let us go.  NOAA was predicting S winds 20mph and 3-5’s…but we went anyways since it seemed more westerly to us.  Turned out to be a little overcast and sloppy, but great conditions for tuna fishing.  No charter on board, just me and Rick today.  We left the dock at 4am and hit one of the most ridiculous schools of mackerel I can remember.  We loaded the livewell, and the cooler for chum, in a matter of minutes.  I actually broke out the go-pro camera and got some footage of the madness.  I will try to get some youtube links up on the site.  We steamed out to the tuna grounds and were one of the first boats there.  It was an explosion of life…whales, birds, bait, and tuna lit up the fish finder.  We dropped the sabiki’s to see what the bait was (assuming herring) but we had no takers, so we left the sabiki and jig in the rod holder while we rigged lines and set anchor….all of a sudden the drag starts screaming.  BOOM tuna on the bait rod!  We had no chance, the sabiki rigs are only 20 or 30 lb test, so we had to break it off.  A few hours later though…the kite rod with the live bait went off FAST, this time we were ready for a tuna.  It was a mad dash clearing lines, starting the engine, throwing the anchor… the fight was on.  We battled the fish for and hour and 45 mins.  Then with the harpoon in hand…the hook chaffed off with the fish 10 feet from the boat…we had him on the surface multiple times, this guy needed no measuring tape….estimated weight somewhere 350-500lbs.  Just a hair shy of the first tuna on the HOLD FAST…and it was a slob.  Pretty disappointing to say the least, but this is a day I won’t soon forget.  We’re comin’ for ya Charlie, it’s only a matter of time.  It’s days like today that keep you coming back…



Capt. Mike

whales everywhere

finback’s were getting a little too close for comfort to the anchor line

Chuck narrowly escaped today…finning 20 ft from the boat here

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