July 13, 2014

Plymouth Bass and Blue 400 Tourney day two.  Time to buckle down.  We entered the day in second place for bass and second place for bluefish.  We knew we would need a 30 lb fish to take the top spot.  Today the conditions were in our favor.  We had a stiff S-SW wind overnight that dropped the water temp to about 61 degrees, perfect.  First fish of the day was a healthy 18 lber that put up an awesome fight.  When the second fish of the day hit…we knew we had a jumbo.  After a lengthy battled and an epic boatside netting attempt the tournament winner hit the deck.  The fish taped out at 45″ and 38.3 lbs.  Next fish of the trip weighed 31.4 lbs…now this is fishin!  All in all an epic day.  We ended up taking home first and third place (Brad Sears and Mike Herb) in the bass category and third place in the bluefish category (Rick Herb).  Let’s go fishin!!!


Capt. Mike

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