August 7, 2014

Day one offshore departing from Newport.  We fished the waters south and east of Block Island, all the way towards the backside of the Vineyard.  We logged a lot of miles on this trip.  We were in high hopes of running into some school sized tuna, but the tuna gods just weren’t smiling on this day.  We trolled for the morning hours, then decided to start up a slick to try and find a mako.  First run of the day and we were pumped to see a small mako on the end of the line….that is until he spit the hook.  Not to worry we dropped another line right back in behind the boat…and he grabbed it again…and spit it again!  Then another line…and this time we got him!  He was right about legal sized (54″) but we really didn’t have the fridge space at the rental house so we decided to let him swim.  Fast forward another couple hours and we were tight again to another bigger shark.  It was another mako!  This one wasn’t a pup probably a 6-7 footer…not one we wanted to swing on board!  We got him boatside but unfortunately didn’t snap any pics in the mayhem, there were only three of us on board.  All in all an awesome day and we will be back at it tomorrow!


Capt. Mike

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