August 8, 2014

Day two offshore departing from Newport.  Somewhat of the same story as yesterday.  Not much life anywhere no matter how far we trolled and how much water we covered on the tuna front.  We planned for it and once again got the slick up and running.  Within the first 20 mins we had our 3rd mako of the trip on the line!  This one was a real mini.  We swung him on board to snap a few pics, couldn’t have weighed more than 25 lbs.  The colors on this fish was amazing, he was lit up bright blue.  We sent him back to grow up and find us in a few years.  Things got eerily quiet for the next few hours, then a big fin appeared in our slick zig sagging erradicly up top by our deep bait’s balloon.  Within 60 seconds our surface bait rod was singing.  We were shocked to see that what surfaced near the boat was a blueshark!  Before we could send him on his way, the rod behind us that was set 75 feet down was dumping line!  After a decent battle Brad had him on the surface and this one was another big mako!  Probably a similar size to the one we got late yesterday, in the 7 foot range.  Such an awesome animal, released to fight another day.  This trip has made me realize how awesome sharking can be!  All in all a great trip, 4 mako’s in 2 days.  Can’t wait to get out and do some sharking close to home port if this bassin’ ever slows down!


Capt. Mike

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