Where We Fish

Stellwagen Bank

Stellwagen Bank is one of the greatest fishing locations on the planet-period.  The best part is that its only about a 15 mile ride to get there.  The massive amounts of bait that congregate there attract all types of predators, tuna, sharks, cod, haddock, whales, dolphins and more.  Most of our offshore charters will fish the waters in or around the Stellwagen Bank area.


Cape Cod & Cape Cod Bay

Cape Cod has great fishing for multiple species.  This is especially true for the area in and around Race Point.  This is where we focus most of our efforts when fishing on the Cape.  Within a couple hundred yards the shallow water on the beach drops off to over 150 ft.  This huge drop creates surging currents, and huge schools of bait.  We fish for bluefish and stripers near shore and not far away in the deep water we search for tuna.

In the fall when the large tuna are on the move, they roam Cape Cod Bay in search of food.  The winter is long and these fish undertake massive migrations.  So, when they’re eating up all the whiting in the bay we fish with live whiting and heavy gear.  Although the bites and fish are few and far between there’s no rush like hooking a giant.

Boston Harbor

Boston Harbor has experienced a major comeback in the last ten to fifteen years.  It’s teaming with life and cleaner than it’s ever been.  A massive striped bass population makes the area in and around Boston Harbor its home from May through October.  The rocky islands, ledges, drop-offs, and rips create an ideal habitat for stripers.  We catch some of our biggest bass in the Harbor.